Sunday, April 9, 2017

DAY 40

"Sculpted Coastline (Ulukhaktok, NWT) by Scott Lough

Iqaluit and Connection to Itijjagiaq Trail
Completion of The Trans Canada Trail

A Greeting
I remember your works;
I recall your previous wonders.
God, your every path is holy.
(Psalm 77:11;13a)
(versions of psalms on today's page:
"The Complete Psalms: The Book Of Prayer Songs In A New Translation"
by Pamela Greenberg)

"Bertha Lake panorama" (Alberta) by Steve

A Reading
Listen, my people, to my teaching,
bend down your ears to the utterance of my mouth.
I will open my mouth with a parable,
express my intent
with riddles from long ago,
words we heard and knew,
truths our ancestors once told in stories.
We will not conceal them from their children,
but rather declare to later generations
praises of God's strength,
wonders the Holy One has done.
(Psalm 78:1-4)


Meditative Verse
When the days drew near for him to be taken up,
he set his face to go to Jerusalem.
(Luke 9:51)

A Reflection
We don’t have to have the same backgrounds to pray together.
We don’t have to experience the same pain, speak the same
language, share the same desire or goals, or have the same
definition of “Christian”. When we pray, Jesus says, God knows what
we need before we even ask him. In that home on the outskirts of
Iqaluit, with the immense tundra for a backyard, and a blizzard,
more often than not, outside the door, I received something
I needed even before I opened my mouth.
- from "The Iqaluit Women's Bible Study," by Mary Thaler,
found on her blog sonnetchallenge.

Verse for the Day
You shepherded them, with simplicity of heart.
(Psalm 78:72)

"Canoes in Twilight, PuvirnituqTown01, Quebec" by George


After arriving at the southern edge of Frobisher Bay, travelers can cross the ice on the bay or paddle it to find the short land connection to Iqaluit, the Inuit capital of Nunavut, ending our journey. After forty days of spiritual travel across the land, we have returned to the Arctic where it began. Depending on our point of view, The Trans Canada Trail begins and ends in Victoria and St. Johns, or it begins in the Mackenzie Valley of the Northwest Territories in the Arctic and ends in Iqualuit, Nunavut, also in the Arctic. Instead of orienting ourselves by the southern cities, we might orient ourselves to see the beginning and end of our land's trails as coming from the paths of its First Peoples, who came into the land from the north thousands of years ago. (And we might imagine and hope for a connecting trail to join the Itijjagiaq Trail with the southern coast of Labrador and the island of Newfoundland.) The song sung by Ontario's Inshallah choir, taken from a concert expressing solidarity with the people of Attawapiskat, Ontario last year asks the question "how long will we sing? how long will we pray? how will we make amends?" and "we sing peace across this land." In today's story, Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak tells us that nothing is more meaningful to him than hearing his own grandchildren recite their cultural stories. What are the stories of the land that have made a lasting impression on you during these past forty days? How will you help to keep them alive and preserve them for the generations to come?

* * * * *
4:37 am on the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia (Panorama 1) by mrbanjo1138

Today marks the end of the LC† Stories of the Land Lenten devotional project.
Many thanks for joining us. (Please go here to find a full list of gratitudes.) As we all end our Lenten journey, we embark on another. The trail is over, but as Jesus sets his face for Jerusalem, we set our hearts to join him for all that is coming this week. As you enter Holy Week, may the stories you have heard here find their points of connection to the story of Jesus and the events which we observe in the last days of his life and in his resurrection.
Blessed Holy Week. Blessed Easter!

The entire Trans Canada Trail, with the Itijjagiaq Trail in Nunavut circled. (Source)

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